Our Value 
More imperative than ever.

How can we do better with our Latinx communities?

With the pandemic disproportionately impacting Latinx communities and a racial reckoning encouraging museums to examine our practices, institutions where informal learning happens—zoos, children’s museums, science centers, and other similar organizations—must become more relevant and responsive to our Latinx communities.


By cultivating cross-departmental ownership, gathering relevant data, and helping organizations examine their relationship to science, technology, engineering, and math, participation in Cambio sets the foundation for this journey.

Why now?
Across fields, people agree, it’s time for Cambio.
Cambio’s approach to creating a more inclusive STEM and innovation space is an example of leaders leading leaders by facilitating the sharing of ideas, perspectives, inspiration, data, and encouraging collaboration among our groups.  The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and I have greatly benefited from Cambio making sure that we not only look around the room to our peers, but to ourselves, in being more effective in our work.
Jose Antonio Tijerino
Hispanic Heritage Foundation
Cambio is focused on effecting change at the systemic level, so that participating museums can really transform themselves into more inclusive organizations. This hasn’t been done before and we all are looking forward to learning and sharing what Cambio is teaching us.
Salvador Acevedo
The Cambio team is doing crucial work by helping informal science educators to recognize science (and STEM) as a set of cultural practices, to learn about strengths that Latinx families bring to STEM, and to enact ways of connecting with Latinx families around STEM ideas and practices in more authentic ways.
Maureen Callanan
University of California at Santa Cruz
For the impact of Cambio to be sustainable and have an ongoing impact on an organization’s Latinx STEM program, it must assist organizations in identifying key organizational changes that they must implement for reaching and engaging with its targeted Latinx community.
Vance Yoshida
Vance Yoshida Consulting
Latinx students and Central American immigrants are not proportionately accessing the opportunities for advancement in STEM. Informal learning institutions like science centers and museums are uniquely positioned to address the discrepancy in STEM education, particularly by supporting family engagement
Andrés Henríquez
Education Development Center (EDC)
Cambio’s strategies to create organizational change is fundamental for the continued engagement of Latinx communities in the STEM fields. In a space where our communities are not proportionally represented, Cambio is a key in making sure our people are welcomed in a culturally sensitive manner, which creates a lasting impact.
Jasmin Zamorano
Hispanic Heritage Foundation
Cohort participants
Our partners in change.
  • Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
  • Children’s Museum Tucson
  • Explora
  • Exploratorium
  • International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS)
  • New York Hall of Science (NYSCI)
  • Queens Zoo
  • The Tech Interactive

A responsive approach.

Garibay Group is Cambio’s evaluation partner. In 2020-21, our team implemented Cambio’s initial professional development model and curriculum, which is being piloted with a cohort of three museums. Garibay Group used a developmental evaluation approach, geared towards strategic learning.

Our evaluator is integrated into our team, surfacing insights and issues as they emerge and facilitate “evaluative thinking” and reflection. The most recent cycle of evaluation: 1) provided data-driven, ongoing feedback to help the team course-correct and inform decision-making and 2) captured insights for further development of the Cambio model and its professional development components.

So, ready to Cambio?